Second week is progressing and some more aches and pains are appearing. They are still getting used to the routine, so this is normal. Athletes have been good about letting us know when they are experiencing some pains. Most of these are a result of the uptick in activity and should go away after a bit. However, if we give exercises they should be done regularly and continued after the athlete feels better.

We will have our parent information night on Wednesday Aug. 24th 6 pm at Miwok Valley Elementary- 1010 St. Francis Dr.- in my classroom 6C- for those returning, it is in the same location just a different room number.

Our first meet is on Friday August 27th at Rancho Cotate HS. The meet starts at 4:00. Athletes will need to find a ride to the meet. They are not dismissed early, but they will need to leave right after school gets out. The race is a bit different this year as they will have a Freshman boys race to lessen the number runners in the Open Division. I wanted to give you some information regarding this meet since it is so soon after our parent meeting. I will have a full schedule at the parent meeting.

If you have any questions let me know,

Coach Carl Triola

The Top 10 Reasons to Run XC
10. Sam Grey cheats OZ, but didn’t quite make it back into the program.
9. You learn through pain!
8. Turkey Leg Relays is a Baker’s Dozen- 13!
7. I must have put in your number. Habit.
6. Will we have a repeat champion for THE Pursuit Championships?
5. I don’t yell at idiots because there is a reason they are idiots.
4. That is not a “T”!
3. Putting XC back in XC!
2. I’ll only take it if you dance.
1. Our methods are harsh, but they work. ‪#‎JK‬

Do you want or need more information about Casa XC? You can contact Coach Carl Triola at

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