Well I missed the deadline to close this site so it is up for one more year. More info on XCstats.com. I am trying to ween off of this site, but didn't shut it down soon enough so we have it for one more year. I will leave it up, but I won't be adding  to it. You should go to XCstats.com for more information as that is our main site.

Coach Triola

Parents and Athletes



Also, I am requiring athletes to sign in to XCstats.com so we can keep track of times, set goals, and look at training. I think it will be a valuable resource and allow athletes to track their seasons.

Athletic Clearances/Paperwork

Here is the link for the online registration process. Please have this completed before we begin practicing on August 14th.


A couple of money saving tips. Number 1: Buy a Regional Parks Pass. It will more than pay for itself during the season because we do race at a variety of regional parks and we have occasional practices there as well. It is inexpensive way to experience the great outdoors of Sonoma County as a family. Number 2: Get a family membership to the Empire Runners Club. You can sign up for free for all their races except Kenwood, if you do it online before the entry deadlines. It will pay for itself if you do just a few of the races.