We are entering the midpoint of the season. Everyone has made improvements as we head into the league portion of our schedule. This week we have our first cluster meet at Spring Lake. We need to provide some volunteers. If you are able to assist let me know. The is also the qualifying meet for Mt. Sac.

On Saturday we have the Castro Valley Invitational. Always a challenging meet.

We will have a solid week of training including The Pursuit Championships!

Our second cluster meet is in Ukiah. We have a bus, so no rides are needed.

Short turnaround for varsity runners as they have Mt. Sac on Friday. We leave on Thursday, race on Friday and head home on Saturday.

Another solid week and then we have league finals on Nov. 4th.

The Top 10 Reasons to Run XC
10. Sam Grey cheats OZ, but didn’t quite make it back into the program.
9. You learn through pain!
8. Turkey Leg Relays is a Baker’s Dozen- 13!
7. I must have put in your number. Habit.
6. Will we have a repeat champion for THE Pursuit Championships?
5. I don’t yell at idiots because there is a reason they are idiots.
4. That is not a “T”!
3. Putting XC back in XC!
2. I’ll only take it if you dance.
1. Our methods are harsh, but they work. ‪#‎JK‬

Do you want or need more information about Casa XC? You can contact Coach Carl Triola at cvtriola@sbcglobal.net

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