The athletes have been doing really well. I understand it is shock to the system for some who are new or haven't been running, but it does get easier. For those that have been running over the summer, it has showed in the workouts. Reminder for kids to eat lunch and bring something light to eat before practice. 

First two days of practice are in the books and the kids are still running. School starts tomorrow and that can be a tough distraction and kids sometimes want to go home if they are able to leave early. We still have practice at 3:30 because Coach Pugh and I are still teaching or have meeting to attend. If your child does go home for some reason, gently remind them that we have practice at 3:30. A couple of notes, 1) since we have a meet at Spring Lake a week from Friday, I am offering to meet any athlete at Spring Lake this Saturday morning at 9:30 to experience the course. The team will provide post run refreshments, but not pancakes as that comes later in the season. 2) I would like to practice over at Helen Putnam Park next Tuesday. I am giving enough time to allow parents to make arrangements. I cannot organize rides to it is up to the athletes to communicate who needs a ride.

Parents and Athletes
We had our NBL XC meeting last evening and there is possible changes to the schedule. I had hoped that we would decide to stick with the cluster meets for this season and then figure out next season when bigger changes are in store. However, this was not the case. The vote was 6-2 to go back to tri and dual meets for this season.

 The ramifications if the AD's decide on the 24th to go back to the the dual and tri system are the following: 

Wed. Oct. 4th Casa vs Rancho Cotate @ Rancho Cotate HS,  

Wed. Oct 11th Montgomery and Cardinal Newman @ Casa, 

Wed. Oct. 18th Casa and Santa Rosa @ Maria Carillo (@Spring Lake),

  Wed. Oct 25th Ukiah and Windsor @ Casa. 

 If we host meets there are two choices: 1) try to get our old home course back- Martinelli Ranch- not sure if I can - it is a challenging home course and we definitely have home course advantage-longer set up and clean up-need more parent volunteers - 2) Reserve Shollenberger Park - easier and faster course - easier to monitor- not sure I can reserve it - costs money. 

Also, I am requiring athletes to sign in to so we can keep track of times, set goals, and look at training. I think it will be a valuable resource and allow athletes to track their seasons.

First official practice August 14th at 3:30
Where: Casa Grande's track

All abilities are welcome! If you have any questions feel free to contact Coach Carl Triola at

Athletic Clearances/Paperwork

Here is the link for the online registration process. Please have this completed before we begin practicing on August 14th.

A couple of money saving tips. Number 1: Buy a Regional Parks Pass. It will more than pay for itself during the season because we do race at a variety of regional parks and we have occasional practices there as well. It is inexpensive way to experience the great outdoors of Sonoma County as a family. Number 2: Get a family membership to the Empire Runners Club. You can sign up for free for all their races except Kenwood, if you do it online before the entry deadlines. It will pay for itself if you do just a few of the races.

Top 10 Reasons To Run XC

10. Back to Martinelli Ranch?

9. Turkey Leg Relays 14 or one stone.

8. “That was the worst warm up. I’m not gonna lie.”

7. Goodbye NBL 2017 Tour....Hello SML 2018?

6.The Pursuit Championships! Will we have a new winner?

5. Santa misses us....get back to the No’

4. Making XC great again!

3. PE credit, but you gotta earn it.

2. No senior shirt design last year :(

1. “How did that feel?” Athletes response: “Quite a bit.”